World map- late 2065

the world map in 2066

This is the war between the southern powers and the league of peace. This is caused by the african uprising and the asain colonizism. In this Alternate history Mohammed gadafi unites the african states into one big alliance and the japanies start expanding again.


African uprising Edit

World war three starts because of the growing tensions in the middle-east. This time Egypt went into a civil war. On the other hand, Libyan civil war comes to a close as Muhammad Gadhafi is sent into exile. Over the course of three months he becomes the leader of the Egyptian Free Force organization. This organization becomes a threat to the government. The president sees the Organization as a major threat and ends up asking the United States for help against the Organization. With ties to Egypt, the United States accept, they plan on deploy their troops in about a week giving time for them to be suit up and other things. But before the troops could be deployed Mohammad Gadhafi captures Egypt. The United states are angry but are not risking war for a change of government. Mean-while in Libya the new government is unstable and collapses within a few weeks. The new government, which is Pro-Gadhafi, joins the newly formed Egyptian republic. Over the course of a month or two many of the northern and central countries are engulfed in civil wars. Most of the countries involved become republic. They then join together in an alliance called the “The Republic of Africa”.

League of PeaceEdit

Meanwhile a new alliance was made to help stop the treat of Africa. Canada, United States, India, South Africa, China and France joined forces to create “ the legion of Peace”. They warned the republic that if they took the Democratic Republic of Congo then they would have to go through The Legion to control all of Africa

Tensions in the PacificEdit

Meanwhile as North Korea starts to build up its army and takes over South Korea. The legion doesn’t want to cause more unrest allows this to happen. The new industries in japan left them a rich country and this lead to the population sky rocketing. Now they want to expand and to do so they have to alley themselves with The North Korean Empire. Together they made “The United Countries of Asia”. Within a few months japan takes Indonesia. To protect them Australia joins the league of peace.

The new League of PeaceEdit

As Australia joins Canada leaves, with a change of government they choose not to be part of the league. As a result Canada is flooded with new immigrants from the countries taken over by the Republic and the UCA. Before the official start of war in 2068 Canada took in almost 50 million immigrants.

The Start: The PacificEdit

The UCA tired of waiting, makes preperations to invade Australia. Within a week all their forces are ready and are deployed on the westren side of Australlia. With in a month the poorly equiped Australian army surrenders to the Attacking UCA. Meanwhile the attack and capture of Australlia (a major partner of the League) the League declares war.

The Start: AfricaEdit

Meanwhile the Republic makes plans to invade the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their ideaology was that the League will be to involved with teh UCA that they will hardly notice the Capture of the D.R.C. But during the invasion the League is startled a bit but is ready for them . This makes a war on two fronts for The League.

New membersEdit

With the declaration of war many countries like the Iran and Iraq declared war on the League. While other countries like Britian and Russia Joined the League